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To Signalize or not to Signalize (Signal Warrant & Intersection Control Analysis)
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
MD T2 Center at College Park, Maryland
For More Information:
Janette Prince

The To Signalize or Not To Signalize Course instructed by Dane Ismart covers the MUTCD criteria for determining whether the installation of a traffic control signal is justified at a particular location. The course includes an analysis of the factors for existing operations and safety at study locations and the potential to improve these conditions. The following warrants are discussed in detail and include:

  • Warrant 1 – Eight-Hour Vehicular Volume

  • Warrant 2 – Four-Hour Vehicular Volume

  • Warrant 3 – Peak Hour

  • Warrant 4 – Pedestrian Volumes

  • Warrant 5 – School Crossing

  • Warrant 6 – Coordinated Signal System

  • Warrant 7 - Crash Experience

  • Warrant 8 – Roadway Network

  • Warrant 9 – Intersection Near a Railroad Grade Crossing

The course will also cover warrants for four-way stops as well as alternatives to traffic control signals. A detailed discussion of the advantages and disadvantages both in the terms of capacity and safety of various types of traffic controls will be presented. The basis for both the installation and the removal of traffic control devices will be discussed.
As part of the course, workshop problems will be given to the class participants. The class will be provided intersection field data and will determine if signals are warranted for the sample intersections. After completing the intersection analysis. MUTCD signal analysis software will be demonstrated and the workshop problems will be evaluated based on the microcomputer analysis.
Who Should Attend: Traffic Engineers and transportation planners involved in the design and planning of corridors and intersections.

Professional Development Hours: 6.0.

Registration Fees: There is a $110 registration fee charged for all participants.

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