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Crash and Safety Data Analysis
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
MD T2 Center at College Park, Maryland
For More Information:
Janette Prince

This day and a half course instructed by Dane Ismart will cover the following:

  • Crash Data and Computation of Crash Frequency - Using several years data, establish crash rates to compare with similar locations, while explaining hazard indices, conflict analysis, and warrant analysis.
  • Condition Diagramming and Collision Types - Review the process and the elements contained in a condition diagram and use police reports to identify the type, times, conditions or crashes on a collision diagram.
  • Speed Analysis and Traffic Calming - Methods for conducting speed studies, including data collections, sample size, computation of mean, 85th percentile and pace speeds, and controlling speed with traffic calming techniques.
  • Sight Distance Analysis - Methods for determining minimum stop and sight distances will be covered, to check whether sight distances for exercise area are adequate, or should be made improved to be adequate.
  • Pedestrian Safety - Design features such as signing, marking, timing for intersection crossings, crosswalk widths, minimum sidewalk standards including radius, ramps, and specialized HAWK pedestrian crossing.
  • School Crossing Considerations - Review school crossing mitigation measures including school guard criteria, school signs and markings, speed zones, gap analysis, and school crossing signalization.
  • Marking and Signing Considerations - Review marking designs and requirements, including sign design and location requirements as well as both longitudinal and traverse markings specifications according to the MUTCD.
  • Safety Design Issues and Mitigation - Introduce the concept of Improving safety through improved access design and applying them to identify mitigation measures for improving real and potential safety problems.
  • Presentation - Following provided guidelines, each team will present their findings as part of a television interview.

This course is intended for Traffic Engineers, planners, traffic analysts, traffic signal technicians and local officials involved in the planning or design of transportation facilities.

 Professional Development Hours: 10.0

Registration Fees: The following registration fees will be charged for this course, $115 for Maryland local government participants, and $130 for all other participants.

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