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Road Diet (Road Configuration) Workshop
Friday, September 29, 2017
8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
MD T2 Center at College Park, Maryland
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Janette Prince

The course instructed by Dane Ismart covers the design, safety, and operations of road diets.  Road diets, although they come in many different designs, reduce the number of through lanes and allocate excess roadway width to parking, bicycle lanes, freight movements, and transit operations.  The classical design reduces a 4-lane undivided highway to three lanes consisting of one through lane in each direction and a continuous two lane left turn in the middle.  A road diet may also reduce the widths of lanes as well when appropriate. The advantages, disadvantages, various road diet configurations, guidance, and criteria for determining the feasibility of implementing a road diet are discussed.  Safety and operational considerations as well as examples of actual case studies are part of the course.  The after results of example corridors that are renovated and redesigned as road diets are presented.  The course is concluded with the class broken up to teams that work on a corridor problem and present their solution and road diet design. 

Audience: This Workshop will be of interest to Engineers, Transportation Planners, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinators, Safe Routes to School Coordinators, Local Public Agency Coordinators, and Transportation Alternatives Program Managers.

Professional Development Hours: 6.0.

Registration Fees: There is a $110 registration fee charged for all participants.

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