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About the MD LTAP/T2 Center

Our Mission

To foster a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and increasing knowledge of the transportation workforce and decision makers.

Our Customers

Our customers include anyone in the public or private sector with transportation responsibilities, including:

  • Local agencies
  • State transportation agencies
  • Transportation decision-makers
  • Incident response agencies
  • Local decision makers and elected officials
  • Private companies & consultants

History of the LTAP program

The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), jointly funded through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Maryland State Highway Administration (Maryland SHA), provides transportation technology transfer services to agencies concerned with highways in rural and in urbanized areas with a population under one million. The LTAP mission is to stimulate active, progressive, and cost effective transfer of bridge/highway technology and to provide technical assistance to local and urban governments.

LTAP accomplishes its mission through a network of LTAP centers (one in each State, including Puerto Rico, and six that serve Native American Tribal Governments). Each LTAP center maintains mailing lists, publishes a quarterly newsletter and serves as a clearinghouse for transportation information. Also, all LTAP Centers exchange and publish information in a web clearinghouse called LTAP Clearinghouse.

MD T2 Center

The Maryland Transportation Technology Transfer Center (MD T2 Center) was established in 1984 at the University of Maryland, College Park. LTAP provides an excellent foundation for T2 activities in Maryland. Each year, the Center works with the Maryland SHA and the FHWA to develop a work plan that meets the training and technology assistance needs of agencies with transportation responsibilities within the state of Maryland.

Some of the services the Center provides through the LTAP Program include:

  • Training Courses and Conferences:

    The MD T2 Center organizes more than seventy-five training courses and conferences per year. LTAP funds provide partial support for more than half of these events. Visit our Training Catalog.

  • Media Library:

    The MD T2 Center maintains a library of numerous resources on topics of interest to local agencies in Maryland.

  • TechNotes:

    A quarterly newsletter published by the MD T2 Center. Download the latest Technotes or browse through past issues on the TechNotes page.

  • Outreach and Community Service:

    The MD T2 Center participates in transportation-related conferences and meetings throughout the state and region.

    • County Engineers Association of Maryland
    • The Maryland Municipal League
    • The Maryland Association of Counties
    • America Public Works Assn. (DC\MD\VA) Chapter
    • Roadway Management Conference
    • ITS Maryland

Check out our Event Calendar for dates and schedules.