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School Crossing Design & Safety Analysis
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
MD T2 Center at College Park, Maryland
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Janette Prince

The School Crossing Design Course instructed by Dane Ismart will cover the recommended guidelines for school crossings.  Various issues such as determining the school area boundaries, signing and markings for school crossing areas, and design criteria will be covered.  Requirements and guidelines as covered by the Maryland MUTCD will be reviewed as part of the class.  How to select treatments such as potential signalization, crossing guards, pedestrian cross walks, coverage, school speed zones and speed monitoring, location of traffic control devices, and warrants will be presented to the class. The Safe Routes to School program will be reviewed. Sources for information and school crossing information will be given to the class as well as innovative school treatments from other states.   A class exercise will be conducted by the partricipants to demonstrate the application of the procedures and design principles for implementing school crossing treatments.   

Audience: Local and state planners and designers, school officials and associations involved in school transportation, and transportation consultants. 

Professional Development Hours: 6.0

Registration Fees: The following registration fees will be charged for this course, $110 for Maryland local government participants, and $125 for all other participants.

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